Aimetis People Counter AIM-AX-PC


Bi-Directional People Counting
High Accuracy
Time-Based Reporting
Small Footprint

توضیحات محصول

Aimetis Embedded People Counter:

• Fully embedded – no need for additional hardware
• Bi-directional people counting
• Integrated time-based reporting enables exporting of data to Microsoft Excel as tables and charts for quick and easy analysis
• Designed for entrances and exits and minimizes counting errors caused by environmental factors such as shadows, lighting changes, and reflections
• Video analysis and reporting is executed on the camera itself, minimizing the processing load on the central server
• Easy to set up and configure with a web-based interface
• Easy integration with video management systems like aimetis Symphony or other third party products for boosting their functionality
• Suitable for retail environments, schools, banks, recreation facilities, prisons, airports, and other similar environments
• Additional license required to enable video analysis (bi-directional people counting) and on camera reporting (1 license required per camera)


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