Aimetis Symphony SYM-SV-SL-E Enterprise Software Video Analytics


Microsoft Active Directory
Multi-Server Support
Motion Tracking
Object Classification (3D Model)
Virtual Fence / People Counting
Wrong Direction & Loitering Detection
Auto-PTZ Tracking
Multiple Area Alarms

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Aimetis Symphony SYM-SV-SL-P Enterprise NVR License Summary:

Sold as a Single (1) License per IP Camera
Aimetis VE Series Video Analytics:
– Motion Tracking
– Object Classification
– Object, People and Vehicle Counting
– Virtual Fence or Virtual Line, Tripwire
– Alarm zone(s) / restricted areas
– Left/Removed Object
– Wrong Direction
– Loitering
– Dwell time
– Occupancy
– Auto-PTZ Tracking
– Face Finding
– ALPR VE410 Automatic License Plate Recognition Video Engine (optional not included)

• Installs on Standard IT Hardware and Windows OS
• Supports Hundreds of IP Cameras and Encoders from Major Brands
• ONVIF Compliance for universal IP Camera Installation
• Supports all Major Codecs including MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264
• Supports Server Farm (Multi-Server), Fail-over, Health Monitoring
• Local Server, On-camera or Network Recording
• Multiple language Interface with unlimited client connections
• Fully customizable Client Interface layout with Multi-Server and Multi-Monitor Support
• Video Wall Function supports slave client machines
• Complete Multi-Layer Map and Camera Navigation
• Full PTZ Camera Controls, Two Way Audio, Joystick and I/O Control
• Rule Based Settings and Event Triggers with Event Notification
• Advanced video Analytic Search by Motion Detection
• Active Directory Login, Security Profiles, User Level Permissions, Supervisor Logins
• Symphony Client offers full multi-server NVR System management and monitoring
• Graphical Alarm based Timeline and Multiple Timeline viewing
• Support for Web browser and Mobile Viewing* (Mobile Bridge required*)
• Support for specialized IP cameras like Panoramic 180 and fisheye 360-degree
• Intuitive versatility for complete viewing, search, playback, export and configurations
• Rule Based Settings with Alarm Reports, Heat Map, Object Counts, Notifications and Actions
• No Server or Client License Cost and Camera Licenses can be interchanged, mixed/matched, expanded or upgraded
• Open Architecture API (SDK) for third party system integration
• Access Control and Alarm Panel Integration third party system support


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