CM 16

CM-16 Climate Monitor

● Accessible through a web browser

● Built-in temperature sensor

● 3 analogue inputs for 0-5VDC sensors

● 16 digital sensor ports

● Multi-level alarms with escalation

● Alarm notifications sent by email, SNMP or (optional) SMS

توضیحات محصول

The Climate CM-16 is a 16 port hub, perfect for multi-cabinet monitoring applications and all within a 1U rack space. Providing Web-based remote surveillance with logging and graphing of connected sensors, it comes equipped with 16 digital sensor ports and 3 analogue sensor ports. Additional analogue sensors can be added with our CCAT analogue to digital converter. Add remote temperature, humidity and air flow sensors to the digital ports, whilst the three analogue ports can be used for door and water sensors, amongst others.



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