CM-2 Climate Monitor

● Temperature

● Sound

● Humidity

● Airflow

● Light Level

● Additional Free Ports

توضیحات محصول

● 3 analogue inputs for 0-5 VDC sensors
● 5 built in sensors
● Accessible through a web browser
● LCD display cycles through sensor readings
● This self-contained unit continually monitors climate conditions and displays
● them via an internally-generated web page. These values are graphed for easily
● seen trends. The LCD display on the front of the unit cycles through the values.
● If user-defined thresholds are exceeded, alarms can be sent via e-mail, audio
● alarm, SNMP trap or (optional) SMS.
● 5 digital sensor ports for remote sensors
● Multi-level alarms with escalation
● Alarm notifications sent by email, SNMP and (optional) SMS
● Audible horn triggered by alarm



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