CM-Relay Climate Monitor

The Climate CM-Relay combines climate monitoring with remote relay control. The output relays can be triggered manually or tied to specific alarm settings. Includes a built-in temperature sensor and 6 analogue inputs. Supports up to 16 remote digital sensors and a total cable length up to 180m. Configure alarms to get alerts by email, SNMP or (optional) SMS. Access to data logs and graphs through a simple web interface, provided by a browser (FireFox, IE).

توضیحات محصول

● 3 output relays to control external devices

● 6 analogue inputs for 0-5VDC sensors

● 4 digital sensor ports for remote sensors

● Trigger an autodialer to alert personnel by phone


Output relays allow the CM-Relay to control and signal external low-voltage devices. Applications would include:

    ● Send a signal to a building security system

    ● Control a larger relay to power external equipment

    ● Trigger an A/C unit with dry contact units

    ● Activate a remote warning light or buzzer



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