Console Software

Climate’s NEW Console Software (CS-3) organises power consumption and environmental data so you can easily analyse it and make informed decisions. As improvements are made to make your data center more efficient, the information can be quali­fied and presented to management as proof things are changing for the better.

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Console Software 3

  ● Monitor multiple units on one easy to read web page.

  ● Update firmware on multiple units simultaneously, Ad­ministrator can terminate batch

     firmware updates.

  ● Graph readings from up to 20 units at one time for trending analysis.

  ● Download Sensor and Event logs for all units at one time.

  ● Limit access to with three levels of password protection: Administrator – Access to all.

     software functions Control – Allows users to push alarm settings to units View Only – Can

     view status but not make changes.

  ● Support for HTTPPS (encrypts data as it is transferred providing a higher level of security for

     sensitive data).

  ● Display temperature readings in Fahrenheit, Celsius or both.

  ● Store username and passwords for webcams, effortlessly view images on cameras that

     require login.

  ● Robust database application – Log data is stored and archived via Microsoft SQL and can be

     analysed with SQL-capable tools.



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